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Course Personnel Location Office Hours
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John JB Allen 424
Tu 4:00-5:00
Tu 5:00-6:00
Teaching Assistants:   


Ruth Robbins 127
Tu 2:30-3:30
We 11:30-12:30
Cindy Woolverton 137
We 1:00-2:00
Th 9:00-10:00




















Instructor: John JB Allen

Degrees: BS from University of Wisconsin Madison; MA and PhD from University of Minnesota

About me: I grew up in Wisconsin, in Madison, during the tumultuous protest years of the Vietnam War, and I was a frequent campus visitor as my father was a professor at UW.  I spent seven years off and on getting my bachelors degree, and gaining life experiences that taught me that education is key if one wishes to have good options in life. Moving north to about the only place north of Wisconsin, I did my graduate work in psychology and psychphysiology at the University of Minnesota, before coming to the University of Arizona to join the faculty.   My research focuses on psychophysiological approaches to emotion and emotional disorders.  In my personal time, I love mountain biking, unicycling, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, motorcycling, listening to music, travelling, and spending time with my family.  You can learn more about my research and teaching interests on my UA webpage.